albeit 4.1: Introduction

Black Lives Matter. A simple, undeniable, yet oft-denied and maligned statement that sparked a movement. The choice of topic was an easy one for us, as editors, to make and authors responded with two issues worth of well-considered thoughts on black literature, visual art, and music, as well as how to consider such things within the classroom and the “real world.” We hope you enjoy and learn from this issue.

A note on style: We chose to keep the authors’ capitalization (or not) of the word “black” when referring to a group of people, as well as keeping the author’s choice of terminology (“black” v. “African American”). These choices by our authors may be personal, aesthetic, or habit, but we believed they were theirs to make and keep.

A note on citation in this issue: Our CFP spanned the transition from MLA’s 7th edition to its 8th. Rather than imposing conformity to either edition, we chose to leave the citations as the authors originally submitted them.