Introduction to albeit 1.2: Failure

albeit’s second  issue asked authors to ponder failure: “bad” texts, characters or ideas that fail, and guilty pleasures, among other ideas. Failure is not an idea easily considered, making the perfect topic for classroom consideration. How, after all, can we measure our successes in or out of the classroom, if we cannot identify our failures? How can we rave about transcendent writing if we do not know how to discuss less successful writing?

Asking, “If at first you don’t succeed… shouldn’t we ask why not?,” albeit 1.2’s authors explore the intentional failure; failure of translation; failures in film and literature; failures in the writing classroom; and personal failures. Each author has also shared his or her “so bad it’s good” text or film for our “For Further Reading” page, showing students and teachers alike that even scholars love a good disaster of a text.

We hope you enjoy the second issue of albeit.