Introduction to albeit 2.1: Women on War

This month, August 2015, two women successfully completed Army Ranger training and the Navy SEALS have announced that women may soon be able to enroll in their programs. For women who wish to serve, progress is being made, perhaps slowly, toward front-line combat participation, allowing women to experience war, officially, as they’ve never been (again, officially) allowed to.

Women have always been impacted by war, but as their role in combat and leadership positions has grown, the intersection of gender and battle has refined and redefined the meaning of both categories directly and indirectly. “Women on War” includes articles and creative nonfiction to consider how women have shaped and been shaped by combat emotionally, physically, and conceptually. Other articles, written by women, interrogate the traditional male view of and participation in war. As usual, each contributor has also shared their favorite texts on war “For Further Reading.”

We hope you enjoy these provocative pieces, and stay tuned for our next issue, which will continue to look at the place of war in the minds and lives of writers.